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“I have always thought of the company as being about more than the clothes. Creating meaningful impact in the world is at the heart of it.”  - Eileen

Discover the unique ways you can make a difference while deepening your understanding of your leadership style during Leading with Impact. Tap into your passions and develop techniques for mindful action for your life’s journey. As a past participant of EFLI, or a young person with prior leadership experience, you know what the process of self discovery has taken. Perhaps you’ve tried to make a difference already and want to do more, or perhaps you are cultivating your inner practices of resilience in the face of local and global challenges. Through engaging workshops, EILEEN FISHER Leadership Practices, and visiting leaders, connect with your peers, create lasting bonds and further develop leadership skills while learning how to be a force for good in your community.

Leading With Impact is a co-ed five and a half day program. If you’re interested in participating in a gender specific program, check out Activating Leadership for young women. If you are interested in an overnight experience, open to young people across the country, check out our EFLI NYC program.

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Leading With Impact is open to:

  • Participants with some leadership experience

  • EFLI Alumni

  • Applicants who can commit to attend all days of the program

FEES: $975 (per session)

  • Fee includes breakfast and lunch for all program days as well as retreat room and meals

  • All participants receive an EFLI certificate of completion at the close of the program

  • An inability to pay should not be a deterrent for interested and committed candidates. Financial aid and/or payment plan options are available.

  • Fees are heavily subsidized for all participants by the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation. Actual costs of running the program are over $2,000 per participant. Please consider a donation to the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation.  

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