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EXPLORE TheaterE for change 

Step forward in your leadership journey through Awareness Based Collaborative Theatre (ABC Theatre). Through this form of community based theatre, you will find your voice, share your story and be an active participant in the change you want to see in your community.

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This Fall, participants will take part in a new program: Awareness Based Collaborative Theatre (ABC Theatre), a combination of theatrical and embodied forms of expression and leadership development. Over the course of eight weeks, young people will use this form of community theatre to find their voices, be active participants in the changes they want to seek and ask the questions that bring change and meaning to their lives. Over the last nine summers, EFLI programs have used plays to spark conversation among parents, teachers, friends, and local government officials. Now, throughout the 2018-19 school year, ABC Theatre will open the dialogue even wider. Join us to share your story and make your voice heard.


  • No acting experience required 
  • Must be able to attend all sessions
  • Willingness to share personal stories for collective learning 
  • Willing to perform on stage  


  • Fall Session: Sept 27th-Nov 15th 
  • Day: Every Thursday 
  • Time: 4-6pm

FEES: $475 (Early bird Pricing $375 before August 31st!)  - We have Financial aid and/or payment plan options available.  

  • All participants receive an EFLI certificate of completion at the close of the program
  • An inability to pay should not be a deterrent for interested and committed candidates. Financial aid and/or payment plan options are available.  

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Registrations are accepted online or printed and mailed in by the deadline outlined below.  We encourage interested students/learners to submit their registrations early to have a higher probability of acceptance into the program. Early bird pricing is available until August 31st! 

REGISTRATION  DEADLINE:  Thursday, September 20th 2018; Registrations accepted on a rolling basis.

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