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Promote leadership in young women through self-empowerment, connection with others and activism in their communities.

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Eileen Fisher strongly believes in nurturing personal growth through leading by example. Influenced by the EILEEN FISHER Inc. core values of creativity, confidence and connection, EFLI is founded on four principles we call practices. These practices create an environment that supports our passions and inspires our best work. Learn more about EFLI's four core practices below.

We encourage young people to:

  • find and proclaim their voice

  • cultivate personal philosophies of success

  • explore their passions

  • build connections with self, each other and the community

  • engage as agents of change in their world


At the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader and create change in our communities, and the world. 

EFLI began in 2010 with a seven-day summer program in Irvington, NY as a unique leadership opportunity for young women throughout the Rivertowns of Westchester County. Eleven young women between the ages of 13 and 18 joined us, and, by the end of seven days together, we all knew that we were on to something wonderful.

Since our pilot in 2010 EFLI has expanded to meet the needs of our community, offering events and programming throughout the year for participants of diverse ages and backgrounds. In addition to our summer programs for young women (Activating Leadership, Activating Leadership National, and Awakening Leadership) we now also offer co-ed programming (EFLI NYC, Leading With Impact,  Leading from Within, and the LiFe Fellowship).

Additionally, EFLI has broadened our reach to new populations and communities by bringing our curriculum into high schools, community organizations and college campuses in the US and abroad through our program EFLI Engage, Think, Create (ETC).

EFLI is an initiative of the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation.