Mindful October (Part 3)

October is almost over, but we will remain mindful. Here are some closing thoughts from the EFLI community about what mindfulness means to them.


Mindfulness is being fully present and in tune with myself, my body, my surroundings, my actions, and the impact of my actions.

Working out feels very meditative for me because it really helps me get in touch with myself and my body. Journaling and drawing allow whatever is brewing to come out and onto the page, helping me connect with what's going on in myself without having to think about it too hard. Sitting in silence is a way for me to set intentions for myself; usually after I work out and stretch every morning I give myself a moment of silence and set some intentions for myself for the day.

I think finding ways to practice mindfulness in some of the smallest and simplest actions of my day really helps me feel more present and full. Like when I walk and practice mindfulness, I really try to take in my surroundings using all senses, and just focus on being as fully present as possible.

For me, mindfulness makes me feel meditative and calm. When I am mindful I feel more present and aware, and a joyful sense of energy that connects my self with the people around me and the environment I'm in.

Mindfulness to me is practicing awareness. It means shifting my attention to myself, observing what I am paying attention to, and then--when necessary--shifting those observations towards something that feels more productive. It helps me get more attuned to my sense of direction and purpose.

Thank you for reading! ❤️

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