Self Nourishment

“Everything that makes me happy is nourishing.”

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that we are thinking a lot about nourishment. Nourishment is a word typically associated with food, but it’s also a word we find ourselves using when we explore ways to stay connected to ourselves during this hectic time of year.

Whether or not you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you can find time to take advantage of this time of year as a moment where we can hit pause and give gratitude for the conversations we are having about abundance, nourishment, and mindful consumption. What are they, and why are they important? Everyone at EFLI has differing opinions about what these words and concepts mean, so we wanted to share them here.

This week’s topic: How do you nourish yourself?


Finding time to eat is really important, but so is finding time to spend with my friends, reading books, and being quiet.


-going for walk

-being in nature

-reading a book



-taking pictures

Nourishment is anything I’m consuming: from what I eat to what I wear, and being conscious about the effects of my consumerism. It’s how I protect the relationship I have with my body and my mind. It’s how I choose to engage with the world around me.

I find nourishment when I create space in my life to enjoy pleasures that aren’t rooted in work or school, like taking a bath, getting my nails done, going to a museum, hanging out with my friends, drawing, spending time with my family, and traveling whenever I can.


I feel nourished when I surround myself with friends and laughter, and also when I allow my body to sleep as much as it needs, make time to go to therapy, and watch the sun rise or set.

Silence is a form of nourishment--it allows me to listen to the world around me. I also like to nourish myself by dancing in the shower!

I find nourishment to be a daily practice in and of itself. Each day I think about nourishing the mind, body and spirit/soul. In addition to mindful eating practices (not gonna lie, I had a giant, gooey, chocolate chip cookie yesterday and felt nourished by the decadence, so my definition of mindful eating is more about consciously eating things I love), I have started playing piano again - I find the practice of reading music and learning a new piece to be incredible stimulating and nourishing. It activates my brain to read the language of music when starting a new piece - and then my body/soul when I play and hear the piece. Yoga and regular physical activity really support my nourishment as well. I find I'm a much better person when I have gone to the gym or done something that aligns my mind back together with my body and spirit.