Introducing the Youth Ambassador Board

Meet the 2016-2017 Youth Ambassador Board (YAB) - a select group of program participants responsible for guiding EFLI in decision making and program development! With monthly meetings throughout the academic year, YAB members help to create EFLI community events, plan summer programming, and generally advise the EFLI staff.

YAB is made up of four committees: Connection, Community, Visioning, and Sustainability. Working together over the course of this past year, each committee has been instrumental in planning the  Second Annual Gratitude Gala, taking place on December 9, 2016 in Irvington, NY.

The incredible members of YAB have been supportive of all parts of the Gala planning process:  from drafting an invitee list, managing outreach, planning the evening’s agenda, organizing the post-Gala party for young people, and so much more. Through this experience, YAB members gain valuable skills in event planning, marketing, and public speaking, all while practicing EFLI values of creativity, confidence, connection and community.

As we enter into our #seasonofgratitude, today, we invited YAB members to join us by sharing a little about what they are thankful for…


"I'm thankful for EFLI being in my life, for the connections that I have made there, and for the opportunities and confidence that EFLI ensures."

- Paula, 2016-2017 YAB Treasurer


“I am grateful for my family and the dynamic and interactions we share.
I am grateful for nature - sunsets, oceans, trees and flowers.
I am grateful for all I have learned and all I have been pushed to discover about myself and others through EFLI. I am grateful for the little moments - laughs, smiles, hugs shared with loved ones - those things that make all the difference in the world."

- Samantha, 2016-2017 YAB Co-Chair

"I am thankful for EFLI because it is a community where my opinions and ideas matter and I feel valued, supported and respected. It is a great place to be me!"

- Alexandra, 2016-2017 Visioning Committee Co-Chair

"I am grateful for this community which, after three years, continues to support and empower me, and for the wonderful staff at EFLI who constantly inspire me to keep growing."

- Ana, 2016-2017 YAB Co-Chair

"I am grateful for safe spaces where I can be myself; I’m really grateful EFLI came into my life and provided exactly that."

- Alexa, 2016-2017 Connection Committee Co-Chair

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We are so grateful to each of the members of YAB and all the brilliant work they do to support EFLI and their broader communities. If you’re interested in joining YAB and celebrating the amazing work they have done, please join us at the Second Annual Gratitude Gala on December 9, 2016.