What does the application process entail?

Applications can be found on our website and can be completed online or printed and mailed in. Within a few weeks of receiving an application, EFLI will contact you to set up an interview, which can be done in-person or by video chat. If you are accepted into a program, you’ll be asked to complete a registration and deposit to secure your space in the program.


Is there a fee for programs? What if my family can’t afford it?

Fees vary by program and are listed on each program’s page. At EFLI, we never want cost to be a deterrent for interested and eligible participants. We offer financial aid to help alleviate any burden for families otherwise unable to pay the full program fees. Even if you do not think you qualify for financial aid, if program cost is at all prohibitive, we encourage you to complete the financial aid request form. Each year, about 50% of participants receive some amount of financial aid.


How many people are in EFLI programs?  

We believe that great things can happen in small groups. There are generally about 18-22 participants in any given program session. The EFLI community as a whole has over 3,000 members and is constantly growing.


What happens after I complete a first year program?

After you complete a first year program, there are a lot of ways to stay connected with the EFLI community. We have a number of programs specifically for returning participants who wish to continue with EFLI summer programs after the first year, including Strengthening Leadership and the LiFe Fellowship. During the school year, past participants can apply to be members of the Youth Ambassador Board (YAB). YAB members support the EFLI community by developing and hosting events and supporting programmatic decisions.


Is there a community or group of people I can talk to or work on projects with throughout the year?

The EFLI community is most definitely not confined to summer programs.  EFLI is constantly working throughout the year. Once you have participated in EFLI, you can become a member of the Youth Ambassador Board to continue to support the EFLI community throughout the school year. There’s also a strong online community through Facebook and other social media where participants share projects they’re working on, interesting resources they’ve found and memories from their EFLI experiences. EFLI is a community that will always be available to you no matter how many years you’ve participated or how long it has been since you were in an EFLI program.


Who facilitates EFLI programs?

EFLI programs are held by an amazing community of facilitators with diverse backgrounds, passions and experiences. Click here to meet our team! Facilitators go through an application process that includes meeting with Youth Ambassador Board members who help make hiring decisions. During the summer, we will also have an incredible team of LiFe Fellows join us to support programs. Fellows are recent high school graduates who have participated in EFLI programming or have similar past leadership experience that create a bridge between participants and facilitator.


What do participants who have finished the program do?

Every participant who completes EFLI programs takeaway different experiences, tools and skills. After completing programs, participants share with us how they speak up more in class, have found more supportive friend groups and have a better understanding of their own passions. We encourage you to learn more about EFLI’s outcomes and read testimonials from participants to get a better sense of the amazing things that EFLI participants go on to do.


EILEEN FISHER is a fashion company. Is this program only for people interested in fashion?

EFLI is all about finding and following our passions and EFLI programs are for people with diverse and varied interests. While we have had a number of participants go on to explore careers in fashion by studying at colleges like the Fashion Institute of Technology, many EFLI participants have little or no interest in fashion.

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