On Friday, December 9th, 2016, the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute's Youth Ambassador Board will be holding our 2nd Annual Gratitude Gala to thank various partners of our community that have supported us, like you, while engaging others to join Eileen in contributing to this transformative and meaningful work. Our intention is to raise funds for financial aid to help young people attend our programs regardless of their financial situation and, to help provide the necessary resources for programs expenses.

During the Gala we will be holding a silent auction in which we will auction off prizes to help raise these funds. Last year we had over 30 businesses participate who donated prizes worth over $8,000. We would love it if you could donate a prize or make a contribution. Any item big or small, such as a gift certificate or item, would be greatly appreciated. Your store and service is influential within our community and we are grateful for your continued presence. With your support, not only will individuals become more aware of the great assets of Westchester, you will have visibility with our guest list composed of hundreds of influential individuals and organizations in the EILEEN FISHER community and beyond, and your business will receive proper recognition during the event.

Please join Eileen and many others in strengthening these incredible programs that have supported and empowered young people across the country! 

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The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute is an intiative of the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation.