Through EFLI workshops, visiting leaders, and YAB events, we focus on different issues that impact us as individuals and within our communities. For this year’s Holiday Challenge, tell us how EFLI has activated you around a particular social issue or topic! 

WHAT: At EFLI, we explore different themes, topics, and issues that are happening both locally and globally.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Together, we look at our impact on the Earth and how we connect with our environment to raise awareness, change consumption, and protect the planet.

  • MOVEMENT BUILDING: We are building compassionate movements for social change and utilize tools learned at EFLI to create change in our communities.

  • CONSCIOUS CHOICES: Every day we’re making choices- what classes to take, what career path to follow. Together, we reflect on the choices we make, the opportunities available, and how we’re living the life we choose for ourselves.

  • WOMEN & GIRLS: Collectively, we raise awareness about the state of women and girls in our communities, country, and world. Together, we create understandings of gender stereotypes and raise our voices to change them.

Think back to your time with EFLI and what sparked you; whether it’s dancing at One Billion Rising to raise awareness for survivors of domestic violence or painting and creating a collage for Alex Bell’s Arts and Activism workshop! What issue are you interested in diving into more deeply? How has EFLI activated you around it? What are you pursuing in your life now?

Now, we want to hear how these themes have impacted you! While summer is filled with bright colors, laughter and the exuberance of our best selves, some of us get the winter blues. Share something that you’re doing in your community (home, school, neighborhood, etc.) that addresses one or more of the areas above. It can be a new campaign that you start for the Holiday Challenge (individually or with friends) or it can be something that you’re already doing and would love to share with the EFLI community. As you share your work, make sure to touch upon how you’ve used tools you gained at EFLI. Your holiday challenge could brighten someone else’s day or season- and you could win a prize!


  • Write a blog post about the sustainability movement happening globally and how it’s impacting your life personally and locally

  • Create a video on a compassionate movement for social change and share how you’re a part of it and why it’s important to you

  • Come up with an ad campaign for a business you’d like to start or a product you’ve created

  • Share a dance you’ve created representing your experience as a young person in your community

HOW: Once you’ve finished working on your entry, please complete the form found at the bottom of this page to share your submission with the EFLI community and enter for your chance to win!

WHEN: The Holiday Challenge ends Sunday, January 15,2017, at midnight! Winners and PRIZES will be announced several weeks after the challenge ends.

PRIZES: Will be a surprise! Amazing prizes await! In 2014, Holiday Challenge winners traveled to Washington, D.C. with EFLI for the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference.

EXAMPLES: Check out some winning examples below!



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