The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute is rooted in the philosophy that each of us can be designers in our own lives and is based on the the EILEEN FISHER Inc. practices of creativity, confidence, connection and community. These practices create an environment that supports our passions and inspires our best work.



For young women currently in grades 9 - 11

Join EFLI for ACTIVATING LEADERSHIP and discover your authentic voice. Engage in hands-on skill-building workshops, meet innovative pioneers across diverse fields and harness powerful tools to bring your personal leadership style into your school, community and the world.



For high school students currently in grades 9 - 11

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute’s newest program follows the threads of EILEEN FISHER: the company and the woman. Based on 30 years of leadership practices honed and utilized in a multi-million dollar business, LEADING WITH IMPACT acknowledges what it takes to step into a leadership role and make conscious impact. During this twelve-day program, meet leaders at the forefront of industry and social change while exploring your own identity as a leader. Through elective offerings,  follow the threads of impact areas for which the company has been recognized industry wide. With options focusing on conscious decision making, environmental sustainability, women and girls, and compassionate movement building, tap into the leader within and develop skills to create meaningful and mindful impact in the world.



For young women currently in grade 8

As you transition into high school, join AWAKENING LEADERSHIP and learn how to bring your authentic leadership style into the world. Tap into your passions, meet inspiring youth leaders and build a community that will support you in your journey into high school.



For recent high school graduates

Practice your leadership skills through this amazing summer fellowship. As a 2017 LIFE FELLOW, you have the opportunity to facilitate group workshops, act as a peer leader for program participants and assist in program development.



For all who are interested

DEEP DIVE DAYS bring the EFLI experience to a wider community with a full day of summer programming designed to help all generations lead from within. Each one-day session at the EILEEN FISHER Learning Lab will focus on a single theme, inviting participants of all ages to learn about themselves — and each other —through guided discussions, expert panels and workshops.

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u.lab hub at efli

Learn about the Theory U. Methodology 

EFLI is proud to be connected to the Presencing Institute, an awareness-based action-research community that hosts online classes in Theory U. EFLI invites people of all ages to join us for 7 sessions throughout the Fall to learn about the Theory U methodology, which shows how individuals, teams, organizations, and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. 


alumni programs

Continue your growth and learning throughout the school year!

Join EFLI in developing new and existing programs, planning and hosting events and supporting the continued growth of the EFLI community. Through participation in the YOUTH AMBASSADOR BOARD you'll be able to put your leadership skills into practice as you help EFLI make organizational decisions.



For those looking for their next steps

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute in partnership with the Westchester Women's Agenda offers GAP, an exciting opportunity for young people to take a gap year from formal education and apprentice with organizations or businesses aligned with their current passions.

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Learn EFLI practices, methodology and curriculum

Join the EFLI team to explore EILEEN FISHER Inc. practices through this engaging and hands-on training for teaching artists, facilitators, educators and others looking to learn from the EFLI community. 



Bring EFLI to your organization, business or classroom

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute is now able to bring our practices and curriculum to your organization, business, auditorium, classroom, soccer field, space ship - wherever! Our trained facilitators will work with you to tailor a program to meet the individual and collective needs of your group.