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The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute’s (EFLI) Spring 2018 Train-the-Trainer will take place on Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4th in Irvington, NY. After hearing the desire from educators, trainers, coaches and other facilitators to learn how EFLI creates transformative experiences, we developed Train-the-Trainer to share our methodology, practices, tools, and philosophies. The roots of EFLI practices stem from Eileen Fisher, the woman and the company. She says “there are many ways to lead, many styles of leadership and many kinds of effective leaders. We each have the potential to make a difference.”   

The EFLI Train-the-Trainer weekend opens the door for facilitators, coaches, trainers, educators and leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences to learn from an award winning youth serving organization. EFLI has adapted, for young people, the unique set of leadership practices of EILEEN FISHER, a multi-million dollar women’s clothing brand with an inspiring vision and purpose centered around sustainability which has grown and expanded over 30 years across the United States, the UK and Canada. Utilizing kinesthetic learning, mindfulness based practices, social emotional intelligence and activities rooted in connection and collaboration, EFLI supports young people by inspiring and activating them to prepare for the world’s ever changing challenges. Facilitators joining EFLI this December will gain new skills, engage in their own facilitation styles and learn how to create a transformative experience. In addition to gaining these new tools, facilitators will walk away more deeply connected with themselves and one another and have expanded their circles of community.

An exceptional educator who experienced a taster event with EFLI said about her experience:

“This morning, I got into work a little earlier than I usually do. Excited… I began the activity that we did last night…  It worked so well and had them energized and me invigorated that I did it again with my ninth grade class... In both classes, I heard students saying that their perception was different, having a different walkway through the classroom made them see the classroom environment differently… Most importantly, in both classes, two students who are normally quiet and don’t share their ideas often, volunteered their ideas, defended their positions and worked to understand those of others.  

Thank you for giving me this idea which has completely enhanced my day and my practice... The activity we did last night which I recreated today helped me to connect to the material and to our learning environment in a new way which I definitely needed.”

- Maria R., Local Educator

Spring 2018 Train the trainer DETAILS

DATES & TIMES: 2PM on Friday, March 2 through 3PM on Sunday, March 4. Please be advised that Saturday will be a full day and will include an evening activity.

LOCATION:  The program will be held at the EILEEN FISHER Learning Lab, 50 South Buckhout Street, Irvington, NY 10533. If you are traveling to the area, we will assist in finding accommodations for the program.

WHO: Ages 18 & Over. Open to educators, facilitators, coaches, youth organizers, partner organizations, and educational administrators and anyone interested in bringing EFLI practices into their personal and professional lives.

PRICING: Pricing includes snacks and meals (starting with dinner Friday evening and ending with lunch Sunday afternoon). 

  • INDIVIDUALS - $525
  • EDUCATORS - $450 

Financial aid and/or payment plan options are available to all those who apply for Train the Trainer.