The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (EFLI) is an initiative of the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation (EFCF) developed to promote leadership in young people through through transformative programs based in Westchester County NY. The initiative is rooted in the philosophy that young people can be designers of their own lives and is based on the EILEEN FISHER Inc. practices of creativity, confidence, connection and community.

Having just completed the seventh summer of EFLI programming, the Institute is re-organizing and visioning for the future. While the programs have expanded to national and international ventures, it is important to maintain the NY summer programming that has deepened leadership development  within  Westchester County youth. The Westchester Program Manager will be based in Irvington, NY at the EILEEN FISHER Inc.  headquarters. The Manager is responsible for  managing and maintaining Westchester Programming into EFLI’s eighth summer and beyond. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, able to work closely with others, able to guide and support the team by bringing a positive attitude and embodying the mission and philosophy of EFLI in their own lives.

Much of the EFLI philosophy and work culture is based on the EILEEN FISHER Leadership Practices:

"Work is about the product, but it's also about relationships. It's about the people and the way we work together. To focus on those relationships has been really meaningful for us." - Eileen Fisher

Communicate Our Vision

  • Lead from the EILEEN FISHER mission. Use it as our compass.

  • Communicate the big picture. Guide the work in connection to the big ideas.

  • Help others gain insight into how their roles evolve the whole.

  • Integrate the values of the company into everyday experience.

  • Model the EILEEN FISHER philosophy with our partners, customers and communities.

Keep it Simple

  • Focus on what's really important and set priorities.

  • Simplify the work as much as possible. Question the pieces that feel complicated.

  • Create thinking time for one's self and others.

Inspire Creativity

  • Explore possibilities. Follow curiosity.

  • Believe in new ideas even if they don't fit right now.

  • Help people infuse their ideas within the context of the whole.

  • Creative thinking and risk-taking often lead to a bigger place.

Team with People

  • Bring people together. Collaborate. Individual voices contribute to and enhance the whole.

  • Invite many perspectives into discussion and decision-making. A leader is never alone.

  • Team with other leaders, share ideas and information. Support and enrich each other.

  • Seek ways to partner, cross-pollinate! Our work is connected.

Engage People

  • Excite, motivate, involve - embrace each person's energy.

  • Inspire people to engage their passion, creativity, strengths and skills in the work.

  • Appreciate and acknowledge everyone's efforts and contributions.

Communicate Openly

  • Be present. Be accessible. Listen. Ask questions. Share information.

  • Learn more about and respect other people's perspectives.

  • Find your voice. Trust and express it. Share your own ideas. Integrate your thinking into the big picture. Be conscious of how your presence and style affect others.

Tell the Truth

  • Be authentic. Tell the truth with great kindness.

  • Be open about mistakes. We make them every day. In the middle of a mistake we discover a new solution. There are infinite opportunities to learn.

Nurture Growth in Others

  • Support people in knowing their passions, strengths and work styles.

  • Celebrate who they are.

  • Create a shared vision of each person's path. Develop shared expectations.

  • Help people to set priorities and balance the varying elements of their work lives.

  • Encourage them to seek new challenges and possibilities. Every person expands the company's potential.

  • Support people to find meaningful ways to take care of themselves.

  • Help people find ways to reduce stress.

Nurture Growth in Yourself

  • Know yourself. Be yourself. Embrace your authentic style.

  • Deepen and engage your strengths and passions - that's how you make the most valuable contribution.

  • Identify where you want to grow. Stretch yourself.

  • Value other people's gifts. Draw on them - they complement your own.

  • Nurture your well-being.

  • Model a balanced life and support others to do the same.

Create a Joyful Atmosphere

  • Have fun every day. Focus on the positive. Inspire others to be positive.

  • Discover the possibilities in each situation.

  • Honor and celebrate our diversity. Together we create something wonderful.


Support all activities related to Westchester Programming included but not limited to:


  • Community outreach and connection to local CBOs/high schools

  • Database maintenance for participants and community partners

  • Communicate with Marketing Manager on current campaigns and initiatives

  • Support the creation of social media campaigns and maintain social media presence


  • Plan and host relevant events leading up to summer programs (including info sessions, Youth events etc.)

  • Coordinate with facilities team to ensure program sites are maintained

  • Understand event budgets

  • Event coordination and outreach

  • Maintain calendar and schedule appointments for full EFLI team

  • Communicate with facilitation teams for material and space needs

  • Anticipate program needs by understanding curriculum and maintaining team communication

  • Secure inventory of materials and space arrangements

  • Scout and book retreat locations

  • Coordinate food needs for programs and events


  • Create and hold program schedules

  • Securing, communicating with and welcoming leaders and workshop facilitators

  • Communicate with participants and staff teams around logistics, schedules, etc.

  • Curating program spaces (retreats, etc.) to hold EFLI look and feel

  • Communicate with families around program specifics and in case of emergencies


  • Guide attention of team members by identifying priority areas of work

  • Support training of incoming staff

  • Manage and guide interns

  • Work closely with Program Director on hiring and on boarding new staff


  • Create all program evaluations

  • Gather and analyze data for measurement and evaluation of all summer programs

  • Create binder for each program

  • Draft annual report document and work with EFCF to create Case for Support


  • Three or more years of experience working in non-profit management

  • Adept in carefully attending to multiple tasks at once

  • Ability to see the macro and micro details of program vision/mission as well as support setting priorities

  • Proficient with logic models of program development and creation of yearly workplan

  • Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills, particularly in motivating a team

  • Impeccable organizational tactics

  • Strong ability to anticipate needs of those around them

  • Experience working with youth - valuing the voice of young people

  • Local to Westchester County (preferred)  

  • Drivers License (preferred)